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Motor Driver

Motor driver that enables speed and positioning control.

Compact Servo Driver PSV24-05E

Micro Servo Driver PSV24-05E

PSV24-05E is a servo driver compatible with our coreless brushed motors/brushless motors*. Various control modes and I/O are incorporated into a compact board that matches the sizes of Orbray’s motors.
Compatibility with EtherCAT, and RS485, enables synchronous control of multiple axes by daisy-chaining.
Dedicated software is also available for initial operation checks and experiments.

※ Motor must be equipped with an encoder for driving. Not compatible with brushless motors without Hall sensors.
※ Not sold separately. Driver is available to purchase in combination with motors.

Reference Specifications

Compliant with EtherCAT standards.* Does not currently support CiA402 drive profile (to be supported).
External Dimensions 90x58x30mm Control method Position, Speed, Current (Torque)
Compatible motors Our brushless motors and coreless motors
Encoder option required
※Not compatible with sensorless
Encoder connection Incremental
(Absolute will be supported.)
Supply voltage 6~24V Input Pulse train command, 8 digital systems
Output current Continuous 5A, max. 15A Output Five digital systems,
Two analog systems,
Two encoder signals
Control I/F

USB serial communication, RS485, EtherCAT

Supports USB serial communication, RS485, and EtherCAT

Connection example

Micro Servo Driver PSV24-05E Connection example
"Compared to conventional models, approximately 70% reduction in installation volume while expanding the number of compatible motors.
Diverse connections with communication support for USB serial communication, and EtherCAT."

Brushless motor drivers that can control motor rotation speed

Product name Power supply voltage Corresponding motor type
SSD06-R5A 1.8~ 5.5 Sensorless brushless motor;
BMN04-08XX, BMN07-12XX
SHSD24-01A 7.5~ 26.4 All models of Orbray brushless motors

Brushless motor driver SSD06-R5A

Used for brushless motor drive control.

SSD06-R5A is a 3-phase sensorless-dedicated driver that can be used to drive our BMN04-08XX and BMN07-12XX motors. The FG pulse outputs a square wave of 1 pulse per rotation. The direction of rotation (CW/CCW) differs depending on the motor.


Min. Typ. Max.
1 Power-supply voltage[V] 1.8 3.0 5.5
2 Circuit consumption current[mA]   5 10
3 Output current[A]     0.5
4 Input voltage: Forward rotation(Low)[V] 0.0   0.5
5 Input voltage: Reverse rotation(High or Open)[V] VCC-0.5   VCC
6 Control pulse input: carrier frequency[kHz] 20   50
7 PWM duty control pulse input: Low level voltage[V] 0.0   0.5
8 PWM duty control pulse input: High level voltage[V] VCC/2   VCC
9 FG pulse output: Low level voltage[V] 0.0   0.4
10 FG pulse output: High level voltage[V]     VCC
11 Operating temperature range[℃] -20...+75
12 Weight[g] 1.1

Brushless motor driver SHSD24-01A

Used for brushless motor speed control.

SHSD24-01A is a drive controller for Orbray brushless motors, supporting motors with built-in hall sensors as well as sensorless models. It immediately readjusts the supply voltage when there is a deviation between the actual rotation speed and the command value. Safeguards include restraint protection, overcurrent protection, and current limiting functions, and the status can be verified by LED, LCD*, and analog voltage output.

Drive mode

EXT/IO Rotation speed and direction can be controlled using external input/output signals.
VR Rotation speed and direction can be controlled using the built-in potentiometer and switch.
PC Rotation speed and direction can be controlled by PC using RS232C communication. Dedicated software is required.

Connector specifications

Name Function
CN2 Power / I/O connector
CN3 RC232C communication connector
CN4 LCD connector
Name Connecting motor
CN5(8pin) Motor with Hall sensor (BMS07 -BMS16)
CN6(4pin) Sensorless (lead wire)
CN7(4pin) Sensorless FPC (BMN04, BMN07)

Switch specifications

Name Function
SW1 Motor model setting
SW2 Selection of startup mode and control method
SW3 PI gain, rotation direction switching
SW4 Output voltage switching 3V output/power supply voltage output

[CN2] pinout:Power supply and I/O connector

Pin# Name I/O Function
1 FG O RPM monitor
2 STATUS O Status display
3 ENABLE I Enable input
4 CW/CCW I Rotation direction switching signal input
5 SPEED I Rotation speed setting input
6 +Vcc - Power supply voltage input 7.5V to 26.4V
7 GND - Power GND

Electrical specifications

Item Standard
Power-supply voltage[V] 7.5~26.4v
Circuit consumption current[mA] 30
Output voltage[V] 3.0~26.4
Maximum output current[A] 2
Maximum continuous current[A] 1
Maximum speed[rpm]


I/O signal electrical specifications(EXT/IO mode)

Name Pin Details Standard
FG CN2-1 0-5V digital signal output, Duty 83%/rotation
Rotation speed [rpm] = FG frequency [Hz] x 60
STATUS CN2-2 Cannot drive(error) 5V
Cannot drive Duty 50%, Pulse width 1.0s
Standby state 0V
Driving Duty 50%, Pulse width 0.2s
ENABLE CN2-3 Driving possible < 1.00V or GND
Cannot drive > 4.00V or OPEN
CW/CCW CN2-4 Direction of rotation CCW < 1.00V or GND
Direction of rotation CW > 4.00V or OPEN
SPEED CN2-5 Speed 0rpm 0V Analog voltage
Maximum number of revolutions (each model) 5V Analog voltage


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