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Adamant Namiki Precision Jewel Co., Ltd., changed its name to Orbray Co., Ltd., effective January 1, 2023.

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Fixed Attenuator

Fixed Attenuator

Plug-In Fixed Attenuators are mainly used for adjusting the Optical Power to a desired level.

By using Metal-Ion Doped Optical Fibers, the Plug-In Fixed Attenuators convert optical power into heat and the power is then attenuated inside the Device. The structures of the Plug-In Fixed Attenuators are simple and the power-proof and performance stability is superior when compared to our competitor's products that utilize a metal membrane.

We manufacture our attenuators with various specifications such as different connector types or end face configurations. The Attenuation Level in dB ranges from 0dB to 25 dB at intervals of 0.5 dB.

Moreover, all of our Fixed Attenuators are composed of our top quality precision ferrules thus, guaranteeing a stable performance at a high quality level.

Available In-Line Fixed Attenuator.


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