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The word for ceramics originated from the Greek word "keramos" meaning an object of baked and hardened clay.
Ceramics date back to a type of unglazed pottery from ancient times.
Functional ceramics, which are made by baking non-ferrous materials, have been and are still manufactured in the forms of spark plugs, substrates, and insulators. These ceramics have properties such as heat resistance, corrosion resistant, and insulation. In recent years, an even wider variety of refined materials have become known as "fine ceramics".
Orbray is a World leader producer of components and products in fine ceramic.
In our company, zirconia, alumina and zirconia-toughened alumina powder is prepared according to the product, and then cast and sintereds.
We fabricate corresponding to request using forming methods that focus mainly on injection molding, extrusion molding, powder molding, and CIP molding.
Moreover, the sintering process realizes the supply of stable products through precise temperature control using an electric furnace that gives priority to cleanness. In addition, we also handle ceramic materials such as silicon nitride, silicon Hard Metal and aluminum nitride.

Processing accuracy

Round shape

Outer Dimeter
Inner Dimeter
φ0.07∼10.0 φ0.01∼6.0 0.01∼50.0
Accuracy Tolerance: ±0.001
Roundness: 0.0002
cylindricity: 0.0005
Tolerance: ±0.001
Roundness: 0.0005
coaxiality: 0.0005
process Outer diameter finishing
Taper processing
Inner diametr finishing
Variant hole processing

Square shape

Min. 0.1mm x 0.1mm
Max. 200mm × 50mm
Accuracy Flatness: 0.001
(Less than 20mm x 20mm)
Flatness: 0.003
(More than 20mm x 20mm)
process Cutting
Hole processing

*Note: This is general spec. It depends on shapes so please ask our sales parson for details.


Alumina is a typical, and generally the most used, material in ceramics. It has high hardness and excellent heat, abrasion, and corrosion resistance. We deal extensively with both high purity alumina (99.99%) as well as general-purpose alumina.


We use high quality, high purity zirconia powder that is domestically produced through the hydrolysis process.
Amongst ceramics, zirconia has the highest strength and toughness, making it an excellent and durable ceramic.
The sintering particle diameter is optimized, therefore an improved, and an improved smoothness in mirror surface processing and plane precision can be obtained.
It is a heat-resistant material with a melting point of 2700 degrees C, and a thermal expansion coefficient close to that of metal, which makes it optimal for joining with metal.
It has excellent corrosion resistance and chemical resistance, and high specific gravity.
Moreover, we handle doped color zirconia (black, blue, etc.) which is used for jewelry.

Zirconia-doped alumina

Zirconia-doped alumina is a white compound ceramics that combines the good characteristics of both materials by adding zirconia to the high purity alumina base. Although it is alumina, its strength nears that of zirconia, and it has attracted attention as a material for structural element made of ceramic. By adding zirconia to strengthen the alumina, it is possible to offer excellent quality.

Silicon nitride

Since silicon nitride has high strength and fracture toughness compared to other ceramics, it is used as a high temperature structure material.In addition, due to its abrasion resistance and lightness of weight, it is used for items such as bearing.

Silicon Hard Metal

Besides high hardness, silicon Hard Metal also has high rigidity. Since it is enhanced abrasion resistance, it is used for mechanical seal parts. Furthermore, since it does not easily react with oxygen even under high temperature, it is used as a heating element, and is also often used for semiconductor fabrication machines and equipment.

Aluminum nitride

Since aluminum nitride has both high thermal conductivity and excellent insulation properties, it is used for the electronic circuit where heat dissipation is needed, and also as a material for ceramic heaters.


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