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Plungers for Analytical Instrument

High degree of roundness and long service life support analytical instruments


We have been producing plungers for medical and physicochemical analysis equipment for many years using sapphire, ruby, alumina, and zirconia. Our sapphire plungers are specifically manufactured from high purity single crystal sapphire, and combine both optimum coaxiality and wear resistance.
Excellent circularity and ultra-mirror surface polishing ensure that there is no liquid leakage and that a consistent amount can be smoothly and accurately delivered. In our precision machining process, we pay meticulous attention to cutting and polishing to achieve excellent durability and long service life.

Outer diameter φ0.5∼φ12
Total length 3㎜∼80㎜
Material Sapphirerubyaluminazirconia
Applications Medical liquid analysis

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