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EFG method Single crystal sapphire

What is Sapphire?

Sapphire (α-Al2O3) is widely used in many fields for its excellent characteristics, in particular chemical resistance, thermal conductivity, hardness, transparency. Orbray grows single crystal sapphire by EFG method, by which different cross-section forms can be obtained.

Characteristics of Single Crystal Sapphire

  1. High-hardness
    - abrasion resistance
  2. Transparency
    - in the range from ultraviolet to infrared light (200∼7000nm)
  3. Chemical resistance and heat resistance
    - resist almost all kinds of acid and alkaline, heat up ∼2000°C
  4. Suitable for the application of insulation property required.

Applications of Single Crystal Sapphire

Single Crystal Sapphire Growth

Orbray produces single crystal sapphire in any desired section shape by EFG Method.
(Edge-defined Film-fed Growth Method)

Characteristics of EFG Method

  • Growth of sapphire wafers with large diameter
  • Controllability of crystal orientation

Crystal Shape after pull-up

Sectional View Dimensions Tolerance Crystal Orientation Surface Flatness
±0.005 ±2deg Ra=0.0001μm
0.3∼300mm ±0.005 C Axis in 5μm
Offer any desired sectional shape. - C Axis in 5μm


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