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Fiber Optic Components

Orbray's Fiber Optic Passive Components were developed on the basis of our standard Zirconia Ferrule and Sleeve Engineering and Manufacturing capabilities by applying a grinding and polishing technique derived from our "Jewel Bearing" expertise.

Firstly, our pin gauges and ring gauges were developed for measuring and inspecting ferrules and sleeves requiring precision dimensions. These gauges are made of a highly wear resistant material of Zirconia or Sapphire making it compatible with our Zirconia Ferrules. Secondly, our Optical Connectors require the same precision process for precise connections with a minimal optical loss with optical fiber. Small Form Factor (SFF) Industry Connectors, such as the MU and LC are offered and replace the older version connectors such as the FC and SC. We provide a wide range of products and variations in particular with our LC Connectors and Adapters. We have also developed various types of Converting Adapters, such as LC-MU, LC-SC and MU-SC, required for connecting different diameter ferrules and housings.

As we progressed, we developed optical Device such as Fixed Attenuators, Terminators and Optical Device Components such as Fiber Arrays. With the production of the optical module consisting of our receptacle and fiber stub technology, we were also able to parallel these designs and expertise to other production components and electronic services.


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