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Motor Units

Today, a large number of motor assemblies are used in various industries such as medical device, automotive, fuel cell, robotic and precision device.The performance of the assemblies relies on the performance of the motors inside. In order to maximize the motor's characteristic as a core component of the assembly, the best fit mechanical design, part processing and motion control are indispensable
After many years of experience in the production of motors, Orbray is now in the process of transforming itself from a motor manufacturer to an assembly/device manufacturer.
Motor assemblies require a wide range of technical elements such as precision drive, high output, light weight, less heat generation, less vibration, and low current consumption.
Orbray combines its actuation technology including motor, gearbox, non-energized locking system "dyNALOX" micro clutch, torque transmission mechanism and motion control with its precisely processed parts and assembling skill using the company's core "cutting, grinding and polishing" technology to provide unique and optimized solutions.


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