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Material Procurement Policy

We will contribute to the sustainable development of society through procurement of
safe and high-quality materials from global markets.

  • (1) We will offer opportunities for open and fair competition to all companies at home as well as abroad that wish to work with us.
  • (2) In selecting vendors, we will make an overall and fair assessment of the quality of the materials, prices, deadlines for delivery, technology, environmental awareness, and management accountability.
  • (3) In procuring materials, we will abide by all laws, regulations, ordinances, and other requirements, as well as social standards. We also aim for high ethical standards.
  • (4) We will place importance on collaborations with business partners that build trust and enhance mutual development.
  • (5) Through our materials procurement activities, we endeavor to contribute to resolving global problems, such as environmental protection and improvement of working conditions.

Notice of publication of green procurement standards