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Information Security Policy

Comprised of Orbray Co.,Ltd., (hereinafter "Orbray") and its various subsidiaries and affiliates, the Orbray Group (hereinafter "Orbray Group")*1 , emphasizes a compliance based on a group management policy and is contributing to the promotion of business with high management quality by all faces.
We have therefore decided to take this as one of the concrete measures taken in line with the strategy and employ the information security policy as its core, and make an effort for assure the information security.

On this website, "Orbray Group" refers to following companies collectively and/or individually: Orbray Co.,Ltd., Orbray California Inc., Orbray New Jersey Inc., Orbray Singapore Pte. Ltd., Orbray Europe GmbH, Orbray (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

  1. Establishment of an Information security system
    Risk management committee is in place to ensure proper management of Information security by appointing responsible person and establishing the Information security.
  2. Implementation of Information security measures
    Important assets are classified according to the importance ranking, it's put in order and arranged appropriately.
  3. Implementation of educational session of Information security
    In order to maintain and improve the security mind and raise a security awareness level of all employees, formulated a security 10 statements draws the attention with the handy card and give a necessary educational classes on timely basis.
  4. Compliance of Information security-related laws and regulations
    We will be fully aware of corporate ethics, comply with laws and ordinances, and respect the principles, obligations of contract with customers.
  5. Continuous improvement of an Information security measure
    Based on anticipated changes on business environments, technologies and social circumstances, we always keep reviewing the measures, procedures of the Information security and so on in a timely manner, strive for improving our Information security system.

January 1, 2018
Orbray Co., Ltd.