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MU Connector, MU Adapter

MU Connector, MU Adapter

MU connectors and adapters were developed by NTT, and have push-pull function. The connectors are composed of plastic housing and φ1.25mm Zirconia Ferrules. These products, called as "mini SC," have high reliability and operationally same with SC connectors and adapters. MU connectors are the optical connectors which miniaturized and were advanced the density application and performance.
Because we are a specialty manufacturer of precision ferrules, easy fiber insertion, precision polish process, and high quality of the connectors are realized. There is no need to change the condition of the assembling and polishing of the ferrules because we can continue to supply completely same ferrules at the same quality level at anytime.

Ferrule Inspection Data Sheets are included with every MU Connector Kit that is shipped.
By using our top quality zirconia split sleeves, we can also ensure a stable connection and performance when using our MU Connectors along with our Adapters.


  • Based on IEC 61754-6: Type MU connector
  • Telcordia GR-326-CORE tested
  • Fiber types: SM(9/125), MM(50/125, 62.5/125)
  • Insertion Loss※: [Connector]≦0.1dB(SM), ≦0.1dB(MM)
             [Adapter]≦0.2dB, ≦0.1dB(APC)
  • Return LOss※: ≧50dB(SM), ≧60dB(APC), ≧30dB(MM)
  • Operating Temperature: -40℃ - +85℃
  • Temperature Stabiity: ≦0.3dB(-40℃ - +85℃)
  • Mating Durability≦0.2dB(500 times)
  • Housing Color: Brown(SM), Green(APC), Beige(MM)
  • ※Tested against Master Connector

Appearance: MU Connector, MU Adapter

  • Optimum optical performance using Orbray's high quality ferrules
  • Wide selection of ferrule specifications
  • Ferrule Inspection data sheet supplied with all shipments
MU APC φ0.9mm Connector
MU APC φ0.9mm
MU APC φ2.0mm Connector
MU APC φ2.0mm
MU SM φ0.9mm Connector
MU SM φ0.9mm
MU SM φ2.0mm Connector
MU SM φ2.0mm
MU Adapter
MU Adapter
MU アダプタ MU アダプタオーダーコード


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