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Research and Development

Research and Development

Through technological innovation, humanity continues to pursue happier lifestyles. Since the days when it was just a small-town factory, our company has continued to look towards the future.

To sustain our technological innovation into the future, we have not only worked to develop our own proprietary technologies, but also jointly developed and introduced technology in partnership with research institutes and universities in Japan and throughout the world. We have always envisioned a technology roadmap for the next ten to twenty years into the future. By choosing R&D themes and product areas where we can leverage our unique technology, we are able to develop and offer products in a timely manner that meet our customers’ needs.

Orbray’ s main R&D objective is to adapt and merge cutting-edge technologies with our unparalleled techniques for cutting, grinding, and polishing to advance the expertise of our craftspeople, and thereby add greater value to our customers and society.

Single-crystal materials like ruby and sapphire, and sintered materials such as ceramics and magnets are tough to process. That’ s where Orbray’ s precision craftsmanship in cutting, grinding, and polishing really shines. We have leveraged our technological innovation capabilities to push our microprocessing proficiency from the micron order to the nano order. Using ultrashort pulse laser machines and the most highly developed measuring equipment to advance our master craftsmanship, we can successfully process materials at the nano level.

Materials development is another central theme of our R&D initiatives. As a manufacturer of industrial jewels, we are constantly pursuing innovation in crystal growth and processing technologies for diamond, the ultimate material in terms of processing difficulty. The brilliance of diamond will light the way to the future.

Orbray also regards the development of a sustainable society as crucial. We continue to move forward in our R&D initiatives in telecommunications, biomedical science, aerospace, robotics, and the global environment to contribute to the world around us and help achieve a sustainable society.