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Watch Parts

Orbray's involvement in the watch industry started in 1949 with jewel bearings for wrist watches. In those days, wrist watches were hand wound, and timekeeping errors of five or more minutes per day were the norm. Accordingly, Japanese watch makers set forth to domestically produce more accurate watches by importing the Swiss technology of using jewel bearings to reduce friction in the movement. Thanks to that effort, the power reserve time of watches was dramatically improved, leading to the birth of Japanese watches that ran longer and kept time more accurately. At the time, there was no company that specialized purely in jewel bearing processing. Orbray capitalized on jewel bearing technology that we used for electricity meters, and began to mass-produce bearings for wrist watch use.

In the half century since then, along with processing technology for jewel bearings, we continuously launched hot sellers like watch cover glass, replacing plastic covers with high strength crystal glass, then with box glass developed through an industry - academia - government collaboration, and today, with sapphire watch glass using synthetic single crystal sapphire. Additionally, we put out a variety of unprecedented products, including a strap-integrated, one-piece carbide watch and ceramic wrist watch. We believe these achievements were made possible by virtue of our fusing state-of-the-art techniques with our basic jewel processing technology.

Even today, we as a watch component manufacturer have continued launching unique products, including jewel bearings, black/white all-ceramic zirconia watches for a famous fashion brand, a tube sapphire watch case for a super luxury jewelry brand, and a special, UV-emitting sapphire glass that combines authentication measures and chromatic design.


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