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Winding Nozzle & Winding Guides

Contributing to quality improvement with key parts for winding technology

Coil Winding

The coils are wound up Enamel Wires and have the function of converting electrical energy into magnetic energy. The coils are widely used for electric motors found in hard disk drives (HDD), cameras, cellular phones and other audio and communication equipment.
We also manufacture the Winding Nozzle and the Bearing Roller (Winding Guide) for the Coil Winding Machines.

Winding Nozzle

Winding Nozzle

Orbray manufactures winding machine nozzles that can be used in winding production and can contribute to productivity improvement in terms of durability, yield, etc.
Our winding nozzles have excellent wear resistance, and the ruby at the tip, which has a low coefficient of friction, is processed into a smooth, rounded shape from the inner diameter of the nozzle to the tip, so that motion during winding work is smooth and the wire does not get damaged.
In addition, as ruby ranks next to diamond in hardness, it has exceptional durability, resulting in a product that can be used continuously.
Winding nozzles are designed and manufactured according to the configuration specified by the customer, such as the surface roughness, or the round shape of the inlet and outlet of the nozzle.


Problem Solving of Winding Nozzle

Reduction of scratches and pinholes on wire

Scratches and pinholes are serious problems for the wire being used.
Our winding nozzles reduce stress on the wire and solve such problems with a smooth, rounded shape and fine hole final polishing.

Improved wear resistance

With conventional carbide nozzles, the wear on the tip of the nozzle progresses rapidly.
Orbray joins single-crystal ruby and our company-made ceramic to the nozzle tip and the back end to produce a nozzle with excellent wear resistance.

Winding Guide / Bearing Roller

We also manufacture the Bearing Roller (Winding Guide) for the Coil Winding Machines.
We have an extensive lineup of winding guides, and can accommodate request for various quantities, starting from small lots.



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