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Very compact design encoder was
made possible by designing in
one body with the motor.


Magnetic encoder

Magnetic sensor detects the change of magnetic density and converts into output signals.

Optical encoder

Consists of a high precision code wheel with reflection/no refection area patterns, and one-package sensor that includes emitter and detector. Output signals are generated according to motor rotation.

An encoder is a device that "encodes".
An encoder is a device or software that converts information into data code under a fixed rule and records or converts data written in one format to another format. This process is called 'encoding'. Examples include conversion pictorial image or moving image, and data compaction or encryption.
A motor encoder detects speed, position or angle of rotation and converts the information into digital signals, which helps with accurate positioning and speed control.
Orbray has 2 types of encoders, magnetic and optical, depending on the dynamic principles.

* Encoder is sellable only in combination with motor.

Encoder List

Products Dia.[mm] Type Channel Resolution [ppr] Max Rotation Speed [rpm] Motor Combination
EHM07-3B 7 Magnetic 3ch 64 55,000 〇 CMS07 series
△ BMS07 series (need modification
ETD07-2B Optical 2ch 64 50,000
ETD10-2C 10 Optical 2ch 128 50,000 ○ CMS10 Series
△ BMS10 series(need modification)
ETD10-2D Optical 2ch 256 50,000
ETD10-2E Optical 2ch 512 50,000
EHM10-3B Magnetic 3ch 64 55,000
ETD12-2C 12 Optical 2ch 128 50,000 ○ CMS12 series
△ BMS12 series(need modification)
ETD12-2D Optical 2ch 256 50,000
ETD12-2E Optical 2ch 512 50,000
ETD16-2D 16 Optical 2ch 256 25,000 ○ CMS16 series
△ BMS16 series(need modification)
ETD16-2E Optical 2ch 512 25,000
ETD16-2F Optical 2ch 1024 25,000
ETD16-3D Optical 3ch 256 25,000
ETD16-3E Optical 3ch 512 25,000
ETD16-3F Optical 3ch 1024 25,000

Please refer to "  " for dimension when combined with motor and gear.


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