Adamant Namiki Precision Jewel Co., Ltd., was rebranded as Orbray Co., Ltd., on January 1, 2023

Adamant Namiki Precision Jewel Co., Ltd., was rebranded as Orbray Co., Ltd., on January 1, 2023.

Over the more than 80 years since our founding, we have introduced a variety of products based on our strengths in precision-processing technology: cutting, grinding, and polishing. In 2018, we merged our group companies Namiki Precision Jewel Co., Ltd., and Adamant Co., Ltd., into Adamant Namiki Precision Jewel Co., Ltd., to be able to achieve greater synergies. However, after considerable thought about our strengths and future direction, we decided that instead of reflecting the past in our name, we should choose a new name that is more appropriate for a company that is at the forefront of a wide range of technologies and is constantly moving forward with new breakthroughs. We would therefore like to announce that as of January 1, 2023, our new name is Orbray Co., Ltd. Uniting all of our employees under our new company name and corporate identity, we hope to spark a renewed sense of dedication to an even brighter future.

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Orbray’s Future

We offer commentary regarding our vision of the future, in light of our new corporate identity.




Our Technology

Cutting, Grinding, and Polishing.

Ever since we began producing sapphire bearings, we have been utilizing these three processing technologies to expand our domain into a variety of fields that require fine processing technology. Our products may be small and rarely seen directly, but they play an important role in people’s everyday lives.

New Brand Identity

Moving forward into the future with a new name and a new brand identity, we are well positioned to further develop our advanced technology and increase our contribution not only to the manufacturing world, but to all of society.

A name that symbolizes rays of hope for the future from every element possible

Our new company name is Orbray: “Orb" signifies a celestial body or the Earth, while "ray" connotes light. “Orbray” thus emanates our hope for the future, grounded in our past success and embracing new opportunities that arise from our continuing pursuit of technological excellence amid the ongoing development of new materials and new applications.

Distinctive, Dynamic, Refined:
A logotype that symbolizes the qualities of our processing technology

Our new logotype, composed of precisely designed letters, signifies our expertise and precision in processing specialty materials into powerful tools that advance clients’ technologies.

New Color

Compared to the blue of our previous logo, the blue of our new logo has a jewel-like depth, evoking the brilliance and strength of our materials, technology, and resulting products. Our new Orbray Blue is even more distinctive when seen in our new gradation pattern – “Orbray Gem Blue” – which creates a line of sight that dissolves into the distance, suggesting future possibilities.

Orbray Blue

Orbray Gem Blue

Corporate In-House Branding

Along with our new brand image, our corporate in-house materials have also been redesigned to reflect and promote our new identity throughout every corner of our company.

We are pleased to announce that,
effective January 1, 2023, Adamant Namiki Precision Jewel Co., Ltd., was rebranded as Orbray Co., Ltd.

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