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Contract ProcessingNAPHIA

Utilizing our polishing technology for high-hardness sapphire material, we do contract polishing and grinding of various materials, such as aluminum nitride ceramics, alumina ceramics, and zirconia ceramics. In addition, we can polish single crystals such as gallium nitride (GaN), aluminum nitride (AlN), zinc oxide (ZnO), gallium oxide (Ga2O3), and yttrium aluminum garnet (YAG). Please feel free to contact us with any request, as we can also process materials other than those listed. We also offer fine hole processing (drill/laser processing), bonding (atomic bonding), backside polishing, and full cutting (groove processing). For single-crystal materials, we support wafer processing, such as orientation flat processing and off-angle adjustment.

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High Flatness Polishing Processing

Processing Processing equipment Work Processing accuracy
Maximum size Maximum thickness
Cutting Peripheral blade cutting machine □200mm 5mm ±0.5mm
Inner peripheral blade cutting machine φ8 inch
10mm ±0.1mm
Wire cutting machine φ8 inch
3mm ±0.03mm
Dicing machine □150mm 1.5mm ±0.02mm
Surface grinding Surface grinder 600×300mm 200mm 0.03mm
Horizontal grinder φ5 inch 50mm ±0.01mm
Vertical grinder φ8 inch 100mm
Double-side lapping machine φ12 inch 30mm
Outer periphery grinding Cylindrical grinder φ8 inch 300mm ±0.01mm
Centerless grinder L150mm 20mm 0.01mm
NC machine φ300mm Depends on the processing (please contact us)
Surface polishing Double-side lapping machine (Diamond/CMP) φ12 inch 30mm ±0.005mm
One side polishing machine φ6 inch 50mm
Drilling Micro drilling φ12 inch 10mm φ±0.25mm
Laser processing machine φ6 inch See below


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