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Motor Drive Circuit SSD06-R5A

Drivers are used to operate and control Brushless Motor.

SSD06-R5A is a 3-phase sensorless drive circuit designed to operate brushless motor BMN04-08XX and BMN07-12XX (sensorless) exclusively. FG (Frequency Generator) output provides a pulse per motor revolution. Rotation direction input (CW/CCW input) is different by selected motors. Following specifications assume the case of installing BMN04-08 series, and BMS07-13 series is the opposite installation.

SSD06-R5A Specifications

    Brushless Motor SSD-R5A
Min. Typ. Max.
1 Voltage supply : VCC 1.8 3.0 5.5 V
2 Consumption current   5 10 mA
3 Output current     0.5 A
4 Rotation Direction input voltage: CW(Low) 0.0   0.5 V
5 Rotation direction input voltage: CCW (High or Open) VCC-0.5   VCC V
6 PWM duty control pulse input: H level voltage 20   50 kHz
7 PWM duty control pulse input : L level voltage 0.0   0.5 V
8 PWM duty control pulse input : H level voltage VCC/2   VCC  
9 FG pulse output : Low voltage level 0.0   0.4 V
10 FG pulse output : High voltage level     VCC V
11 Operating temperature range -20...+75
12 Weight 1.1 g


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