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Handling Instruction


Handle the pump with care when unpacking.


This product is not shockproof . Drops or excessive shocks may damage sensitive parts such as ecentric cams.

Fluid Temperature :

Operation temparature for purified water is from 5°C to 50°C. For operation with a different type of liquid, please consult us.

Load :

Operation under the excessive load may reduce the life of the motor and pump. In the event of motor stalls, immediately turn off the power supply to avoid damage.

Operating Voltage :

The operating voltage range varies for each model . Please correctly connect the motor to the power supply: red lead wire to positive and black lead wire to ground.
Please refer to the driver manual for connection between 7039 and its driver.
In case of model using a brushless motor , the white lead wire is FG (Frequency Generator) output provides three pulses per motor revolution.

Motor Temperature:

The motor housing may reach high temparature during loaded operation. Do not touch the motor during opration or soon after it has stopped.

Pump Installation:

The pump is designed to operate in any position. Set the pump on a hard and flat base using the designed mounting holes. Please refer to the manual for each model for suitable screws and limit torque. Adhesive mounting is not recommended: please contact us for detailed instruction s if necessary.

Tube Connection :

Correctly connect tubing to suction and exhaust nozzles as displayed on the pump head (arrow mark). Make sure that tubing is inserted completely to the nozzles. Tubing sizes from ID 3 to 4mm are recommended.In case of tube removal, turn off the pump and remove the tubing from the suction nozzle first.Turn on the power to expel the liquid inside completely and then turn off again and remove the tubing from the exhaust nozzle.

Parts Replacement:

Parts and/or materials replacement made by unauthorised persons may damage the pump and reduce its quality.Bearing are lubricated for life and additional lubrication is not required.

Operating Environment :

The pump should be operated within the specifications displayed in the datasheet. Ther pump is not waterproof or explosionproof and under no circumstances should be operated in such environments. Especially do not use in corrosive and chemically aggressive environments such as chlorine, sulfer, cyanoacrylate, silicon gas,etc.

Storage Conditions:

This product should be stored at at 20°C +/-5°C ,RH 60%, Do not store in corrosive and chemically aggressive environments. If stored for a long period , break-in is required before operation until the flow rate stabilizes, In case of a pumping problem, clean the valves by injecting purified water into the nozzles before operation.During cleaning, avoid dropping water into the motor housing.

Operation & Cleaning :

After short term operation, clean the pump by injecting purified water into the nozzles. During cleaning , avoid dropping water into the motor housing.


Each the unit is thoroughly inspected before shipping , In the event of a problems , contact Orbray immediately after unpacking . Orbray will accept no claim for products used, abusively handled and modified by the users unless the cause of failure is clearly due to Orbray's defects in materials or workmanship, For details refer to the separate " Warranty notice " document.

Warning :

Do not operate the pump , or immediately turn it off in the event of a stance noise or smell,or if water has been dropped into the motor housing.


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