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Servo for Radio Control

Servo for Radio Control

An RC servo (servo for radio control) is an actuator installed in a model car, plane, or helicopter. The servo consists of spur gear, position sensor, drive circuit and motor, and it serves to shift the direction of the front and rear wheels of a car, or the angle of a plane's tail upon receiving signals from the controller.

Over the last few decades, Namiki has been working with major domestic servo manufacturers. In the early stages of this industry, the φ10mm brushed motor was the most favored model. However, with the progression of battery technology, larger current input became possible. Accordingly, the new requirement for the motor now is to be able to handle a large current input, while still maintaining or improving the life of the motor. Following this trend, brushed motors are now being replaced by brushless motors, and today the φ12 and φ17 brushless motor series have become Orbray's most popular models for servos.

The superiority of an RC servo is determined by the two motor requirements: quickness, and high power. The quickness is measured by the response speed, or "mechanical time constant", which is the time it takes for the motor to reach 63.2% of its maximum speed. Usually, the mechanical time constant required for RC Servo Motors is less than 15ms.

RC Servo Motor also must be high powered, as they are used in various competitions like car racing, plane racing, and acrobatic helicopter performance. In such competition, the RC Servo Motor sometimes has to suddenly change direction under a heavy load to make a sharp turn. Additionally, when the servos are used in an aircraft with a wingspan of a couple meters, they must adjust the angle of the wing against substantial air resistance. These actions require the motor to temporarily input a large current and produce high output.

Orbray's RC Servo Motor is a special series optimized to meet all of these requirements mentioned above. We have a comprehensive lineup from our standard brushed CRS motor to our high output BRT model. Please click the link below for more details.


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