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Zirconia Film

Zirconia Film

Zirconia Film

Zirconia film developed by Orbray is 20µm thick. It has excellent flexibility characteristics and an extremely smooth surface.

Zirconia has excellent heat resistance, corrosion resistance, strength, wear resistance, and fracture toughness characteristics. Applying its ultra-thin polishing technology, Orbray has created flexible zirconia ceramics, with a surface roughness (Ra) of < 5 nm.

Orbray's flexible zirconia film can be custom-made to meet your specific product development requirements. Please inquire by contacting us directly.


・Heat resistance
・Corrosion resistance
・High strength
・Wear resistance
・High fracture toughness

Thickness 20µm〜※1
Surface roughness (Ra) <5nm
Bending strength 1,200MPa
Fracture toughness 5MPa・√m
Vickers hardness HV1,250
Coefficient of thermal expansion 10.5✕10-6/K(40〜400℃)
Thermal conductivity 32(25℃、1MHz)
Dissipation factor 2.5✕10-3(25℃、1MHz)
Heat resistance 1,200℃
Thermal conductivity 3W/m・K(20℃)

※1Performance 1-1 15mm✕15mm✕15µm 1-2 55mm✕91mm✕30µm

Compared with aluminum
High bending strength and fracture toughness

Ultra-thin polishing technology

Produces flexibility and a smooth surface


●Circuit/Sensor boards ●Flexible heaters ●Flexible heat insulating film ●Diaphragms


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