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Electric Nail File

Electric Nail File

If you are someone who goes to a nail salon on a regular basis, you might remember the tool that a nail technician use to polish your nails. Our brushed motors are used inside this tool.

The Electric Nail Files generally have a pen-like shape so that technicians can comfortably hold them. At the tip of the tool, there is a small file called a "bit" and this part rotates at a high speed to polish nails. The main role of our small motor is to provide this rotational movement.

For this application, high voltage and high speed are the key features. The motors often run at 24V and the speed of the motors reaches tens of thousands of RPM when in operation. Also, since technicians tend to hold the tool for a long period of time, its structure has to be designed to minimize strain on the technician's hand. Motor vibration in particular is a direct cause of hand fatigue.

Based on feedback from users, Orbray has developed a small motor that can run at a high speed and with minimal vibration.
Providing a custom solution based on the specific application is one of our fortes.


High Speed Rotation / Low Vibration


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