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History of Stylus Tip and Gramophone Record

   Last Modified:    Published: 2021/05

Orbray started production of  sapphire record stylus in the late 1940s, leveraging its gem processing technology since its inception. After that, the record stylus evolved steadily, and at the height of the record boom, we sold record cartridges and record accessories centered on diamond record stylus, and made the name of Orbray roar all over the world.

At that time, with the cooperation of Mr. Kei Ikeda, we created a booklet called "The Story of Record Stylus". We would like to divide it into several times and introduce the contents little by little.

Chronology of Stylus Tip and Gramophone Record

Events in the Record Industry

1877 Tomas Edison invented the cylinder phonograph.
1885 Graham Bell invented the wax cylinder.
1887 Berliner invented gramophone.
1894 Berliner succeeded in press operation of disc record.
1900 Bell Laboratories conducted the experimentation of stereophonic sound.
1909 Bell Laboratories, the experiment succeeded electric recording.
1920 Recording industry in crisis as Radio’s boom threatens recording industry in United States.
1924 The first disc-record and gramophone were released in Japan.
1933 A spring-driven gramophone became main stream instead of hand-operated machine gramophone.
1948 LP record album was introduced by the Columbia Record Campany.
1957 The Westrex Stereo Disk System was accomplished.
1970 Victor Co. of Japan, Ltd. introduced the world’s first 4-channel stereo.

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