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Adamant Namiki’s Initiative for SDGs – Launching ‘’fro-pro’’ Workshop

   Last Modified:    Published: 2021/10

By Riyako Namiki, President and CEO

Orbray Co. recently decided to launch a workshop to encourage high school students in Yokote City and Yuzawa City in Akita Prefecture to realize their wishes. The plan was inspired by a “Fro-pro (From-project)” workshop in which college students and other people support high school students to carry out their goals.

High school students are living a busy life with studying and hanging around with friends. Even if they think about doing something serving to society, they may not have enough time to carry out such wishes. Our workshop named “Fro-pro ADNa” intends to offer practical three-month seminars to help such students realize their goals and make challenges step by step.

Adamant Namiki has factories in Yokote City and Yuzawa City. Since I joined the company as the president last year, I have been thinking of making contributions to Akita Prefecture and Aomori Prefecture, the areas many of our employees work. In that time, a friend of mine introduced a “Fro-pro” workshop to me. I met online Ms. Sumire Takeuchi, who initiated a “Fro-pro” workshop in Akita. I was impressed with her and other members and decided to back up their activities.

A “Fro-pro” workshop was primarily started by students of Keio University’s Shonan-Fujisawa campus. Ms. Takeuchi launched a similar activity in Akita when she got enrolled at Akita International University.

“Fro-pro” is aimed at encouraging high school students to challenge what they want to do and helping them learn how to resolve various problems and survive in their life.

Adamant Namiki is currently recruiting in Yokote City and Yuzawa City new employees who will join our company in the spring of 2022. Through our “Fro-pro” workshop, we would like to further cement bonds with the regions. “Fro-pro ADNa” is beginning soon! We would like to enjoy supporting high school students’ projects.

From-project (Japanese only)

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