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Interview article of our President Riyako Namiki appeared in Newsweek International and the Worldfolio website.

   Last Modified:    Published: 2021/08

To our great pleasure, interview of our President Riyako Namiki by the Worldfolio, a British news agency, was published in Newsweek International (issued August 13, 2021) and also posted on the Worldfolio website.
In the interview, our president touched on our company’s philosophy and products of Adamant Namiki including diamond substrates.
We will introduce article of Newsweek in this post.

World’s largest heteroepitaxial diamond substrates to revolutionize the semiconductor field

Newsweek International (issued August 13, 2021) English version

After years of R&D, Adamant Namiki, a global niche leader in jewel processing, has developed the world’s largest heteroepitaxial diamond substrate.

Through three generations of family ownership, Adamant Namiki has been at the forefront of innovative solutions in jewel processing, developing unique technology to provide unparalleled products.
Adamant Namiki’s expertise in processing extremely hard jewels and other difficult materials allows it to create a wide array of products serving various industries, from machine tools to semiconductors.
Among the groundbreaking solutions developed by the company is cutting-edge laser technology capable of shaping precise dimensions within a diamond. This process not only enables the cutting of a single crystal material in any direction, but also decreases the processing time.

Riyako Namiki, President and CEO

This mastery of its craft has also seen the company develop the world’s largest surface heteroepitaxial diamond substrate.
These diamond substrates provide solutions to many of the problems facing semiconductor manufacturers.
“One of these challenges is controlling and containing heat and thermal energy. Fortunately, diamond substrates are optimal for thermal control because of their ultimate thermal conductivity,” explains Shoji Namiki, former president of Adamant Namiki.
Remarkably, the company remains fully independent, selling its products to over 1,000 companies around the world, and new president, Riyako Namiki, is helping secure the firm’s future by changing one of its historical policies: allowing executives from outside the Namiki family to take top management positions in the firm.
However, she is adamant the company’s philosophy, brought in by her grandfather some 80 years ago, of operating like a family where members “embrace the weaknesses and strength of each other” will remain in place as the building block for the future, with Adamant Namiki continuing to connect master Japanese craftsmanship with the rest of the world.

Interview on the Worldfolio website:

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