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Roundtable Discussion with Narutec

   Last Modified:    Published: 2024/03

Public Relations Dept.

Have you ever heard of Higashinaruse Tech Solutions Co., Ltd.(a.k.a. Narutec), located in Higashinaruse-mura, Akita Prefecture? Aiming to help ameliorate the concentration of people in Tokyo, many people in their 20s and 30s from outside Akita Prefecture are working for this company under the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications program for local revitalization. It is located in the Higashinaruse-mura Office. There are two major business activities: The first is the Smart Village Project, which aims to solve problems in Higashinaruse-mura. The other is a technical support business. While many companies in the IT industry prefer to hire experienced workers, Narutec trains novices to become IT personnel.

We were fortunate to have President Kondo of Narutec and a total of 22 Narutec employees tour the factory and engage in  round-table discussions at Orbray [TRAD].

The factory tour allowed participants to view the manufacturing operations for record styli and exterior watch parts. The participants found the tour very interesting, as they had never before seen precision processing in person.

After the tour, there was an introduction from Narutec and roundtable discussions. Together with Orbray employees, we decided on a theme for each table for the roundtable discussions.

At Orbray's Yuzawa and Yokote factories, approximately 90% of employees are from Akita. Since most of them live in the city, we decided to talk about topics that are familiar to them: childcare, work, and the charms of Akita.

Group 1 Working while raising children (Team Childcare)
Group 2 Company systems and benefits (Company Systems)
Group 3: The advantages and joys of working in Akita (Akita's Attractiveness)

Each table was given a piece of paper, and each group was asked to write about their theme. President Kondo actively participated in the lively exchange of opinions, and everyone enjoyed the roundtable discussions. After 10 minutes, everyone switched tables, to discuss a different theme. We received valuable opinions on all the themes.

Team Childcare

  • Remote work
  • Interacting with local children (providing a place to meet)
  • Children also use the company cafeteria
  • Children's event leave
  • Interaction with fathers

Company Systems

  • Company dormitory, nice office
  • Allowance for living (winterization, gasoline, return trip, overseas)
  • Footbaths and gyms

Akita's Attractiveness

  • Delicious food
  • Relaxing amid the four seasons
  • Winter sports available
  • Good snow removal

The president commented that there are many things that are usually taken for granted that are brought to light through the exchange of ideas.
At the end of the meeting, we had lunch at Orbray [TRAD]’s café and reflected on the roundtable discussions. We had an enjoyable and educational time.

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