Energy Harvesting Sensors and Wireless Transmitters

Vibration-Powered Sensors and Wireless Transmitters

A vibration-powered sensor network allows IoT devices to operate without an external power source or batteries. It enables sensors to operate and transmit data using only electricity harvested from vibrations. This technology enables environmentally friendly and energy-saving operation. Power supply concerns are eliminated and sustainable operation can be realized.

The possibilities of vibration-powered Sensors and Wireless Transmitters

IoT devices depend on wireless communications, as well as on sensors and data transmitters.

Considerations in Selecting IoT Sensor Devices

  • ・Low running cost
  • ・Low cost to supply power
  • ・Low frequency of battery changes
  • ・High sensing accuracy
  • ・High real-time accuracy of data collection

Orbray has a full line-up of vibration-powered (battery-less) sensing devices that do not require power cords or batteries.

Wireless transmission demonstration

This wireless device transmits low-power radio signals at 920 MHz using electricity generated by vibrations.
This video demonstrates the operation of a 920 MHz-specified low-power wireless device. One activation of the vibration-powered generator creates enough energy to transmit more than a dozen wireless signals.

Each movement of the generator device allows more than a dozen signals to be transmitted, ensuring data accuracy.

Features of Orbray's vibration-powered sensor network

01.Long-distance communication is possible

While other companies’ vibration-powered devices allow communication only over short distances, such as a few dozen meters, Orbray's vibration devices are able to communicate over long distances due to their high power generation. For example, our devices can use LPWA radio signals with a line-of-sight of several hundred meters or even a few kilometers.

Since our devices are compatible with commercially available sensors, a variety of applications are possible.

Vibration-powered IoT ideas

02.A dozen or more radio signals can be sent from a single vibration event.

Another major advantage of Orbray’s equipment is the ability to send a dozen or more radio signals powered by a single vibration event, due to the high output power generated. This ensures reliable and stable data transmission. Equipment that lacks this capacity may encounter failure of data transmission, resulting in data loss, inconsistency, and inaccuracy.

Frequently asked questions(FAQ)

Q:What combination of sensors and transmitters are possible with self-powered sensing devices?
Any combination of sensors and wireless communications technologies commercially available is possible. It is also possible to set the vibration itself as the trigger.
Q:Can sensor data be transmitted to our cloud network?
Yes. Sensor data can be collected at an IoT gateway and sent to any location you specify.

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