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Adamant Namiki Precision Jewel Co., Ltd., changed its name to Orbray Co., Ltd., effective January 1, 2023.

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Battery-Free IoT Solution

Discovering IoT Solutions with Adamant Orbray's Battery-Free Sensor Network
In order to utilize Machine to Machine (M2M) capabilities where data is exchanged between machines and the Internet of Things (IoT), it is important to collect and store data from various sensors and devices in areas of digital visualization such as:

  • Monitoring
  • Abnormality Detection
  • Analysis
  • Prediction
  • Control

Adamant Namiki offers Battery-Free Sensor Networks using our unique Energy Harvester Device. These Energy Harvesters generate the energy needed to power the sensors and wireless drives for battery-free and maintenance-free sensor network systems.

Energy Harvester = Battery-Free Power Source for IoT/M2M

Energy Sources

Vibration  Energy Source: Vibration

Max.Power[mW] Ave.Power[mW]
62* 20*

* Frequency : 20Hz, Total amplitude : 2mm, Acceleration : 15.8m/s² (1.6G)

Hand-shake  Energy Source: Acceleration & Impact/Shock

Max.Power[mW] Ave.Power[mW]
287 76

Slide (Side to Side)  Energy Source: Gravitational Movement & Rotation

Max.Power[mW] Ave.Power[mW]
389 139

Slide (Up and Down)  Energy Source: Gravitational Movement & Rotation

Max.Power[mW] Ave.Power[mW]
30 -

Switch (Push and Release)  Energy Source: Applied force

Max.Power[mW] Ave.Power[mW]
254 -

Force Drive  Energy Source: Applied force

Max.Power[mW] Ave.Power[mW]
430 -

Note: The representative values above were measured by Adamant Namiki.

We deliver products customized to the size, material and resonant frequency of your device to match the requirements of your application.

Reference Video

Sensor Device

By combining our battery-free technology with our wide array of sensors, we can fulfill your demands and needs such as status monitoring, abnormality detection, and the collection and storage of data — all remotely.
Our Energy Harvester has the ability to behave as a sensor on its own.

Wireless Communication

A single motion such as shaking, pushing, or releasing the harvester can generate enough electrical energy to send data via a specified low power radio frequency (2.4GHz, 920MHz, 420MHz, 315MHz) or IR.

*Used a switch type energy harvester as a wireless power source.
*The antenna on the receiving side and the transmission side are installed at a height of 1m.

Reference Video

Software and Apps

We can help in the realization of such services as data analysis, prediction, control, and utilization on a digital platform solution for your requirement needs.
We also have the capabilities to develop applications on various devices such as PCs, smartphones, and tablets.

Ways to Utilize Our Products and Services

Attendance Management Systems

Door Opening/Closing Detection Systems

Approach Detection Systems

In addition, our harvester can be utilized as a power source for IoT devices related to:

  • Remote monitoring of civil infrastructure (e.g., tunnels, bridges, and rivers)
  • Monitoring of construction and industrial machinery
  • Operation management and position monitoring of logistics and vehicles
  • Agriculture and dairy ICT



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